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Welcome to Poppy Pads

Poppy Pads offer women information and, the ability to choose an alternative to disposables for the type of sanitary product that they use. We offer New Zealand made washable cloth sanitary pads, The Mooncup® – Menstrual Cup and The Jam Sponge – Sea Sponge – reusable alternatives to tampons. We also offer washable Stress Incontinence Liners and  Pelvic Floor Toning Systems.

Reusable, washable and cloth sanitary products are being received with enthusiasm by women who are keen to save money, to care for the environment, to minimise waste and, to look after their bodies. Poppy Pads offer healthy alternatives which minimise the number of chemicals/plastics etc. that our body comes into contact with.

Poppy washable Sanitary Pads are slim, discreet, comfortable, reliable, easy to use and to wash.  They come in different styles and sizes to cater for the lightest to heaviest of periods, postpartum days or stress incontinence. They are appealing, and come in a variety of fun, funky and colourful prints. We offer a range of organic fabrics too!   Who said periods have to be dull!


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